A Tobago Vacation, What To See And Do

A Tobago Vacation What to See What to Do

It doesn’t matter whether you stay in a grand five star all inclusive hotel or a guest house, Tobago has a lot going for it, and much to see and do.

At 8 miles wide and 26 miles long, you would think that you would be able to get around most of the Island in a day, but this just isn’t the case. You see one of the charms of Tobago is its almost complete lack of any kind of infrastructure at all. The roads are full of potholes, and you either complain about it, or hire a 4 x 4 and have a great time dodging around the potholes, or perhaps going through them if they are full after a rain shower!!

So where are the best places to visit?

There is no doubt that the southwest lowlands are where all the development is centred.

Crown Point International Airport is here, and a few smart hotels along the Caribbean coast.

There is Buccoo Reef, Pigeon Point and Store Bay with its fine white sand beaches, and finally the colourful capital city Scarborough with its exciting port.

Definitely a trip across to the south coast of Tobago is more than worthwhile. Here the shore is pounded by the Atlantic Ocean with its big swell and breakers. Villages like Speyside are just one of the places to visit.

Moving north, the Caribbean Coast has many beautiful coral sand beaches such as Englishman’s Bay, Bloody Bay, Castara, and Parlatuvier, and the crowds are definitely absent here. The most northerly village Charlotteville is at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, and here there are good coal reefs, some within swimming distance of the beach.

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On the east side of Tobago, there is a rapid rise into the hills which are known as the Central Main Ridge, which is where you will find the main rainforest, which then falls away quite sharply to the sea with its palm fringed sandy beaches.

If you are a naturalist or a birdwatcher then the moisture soaked misty rainforest is a paradise waiting to be explored.

Birdwatchers also need to be taken to Little Tobago just over a mile off shore and just over a mile long. It is uninhabited, and is a seabird sanctuary off the coast at Speyside.

You can see that Tobago has something for just about everyone. From bird watchers to sun worshippers; foodies to beach bums; people watchers to surfers; romantics to the young with no money.

Tobago is a wonderful place where you are quickly taken back to a time where life was conducted in a right and proper way. A place where children have respect for their elders, where church on Sunday is an accepted part of life, and the land is given priority over profiteering.

Take a vacation in Tobago, and see for yourself.

A Luxury African Safari Adventure Can Be A Reality

Many people in the US would love to travel to Africa for a luxury African safari adventure. Because the North American continent is along way from Africa, most will never book the trip of a lifetime. The experience of Africa should not be missed if at all possible. There is so much to see and do and people can do it all by taking a luxury African safari.

There are several companies that have luxury African safaris in many different countries like Botswana, Kenya, and Namibia. Also included in this category are South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

One of the things that make a safari an African luxury safari is the different choices available for lodging. One great place to lodge is at Kichwa Tempo tented lodge that lies in the Masai Mara. With views looking out over the plains while being pampered in high end tents full of only the best and surrounded with things all Africa.

Another place to visit and stay is in the area of South Africa. A person will want to visit places like Okavango Delta and Victoria falls. Another place to visit is the Etosha National Park. All of these places are world class sights that offer all that luxury money can buy.

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Luxury African Safari In East Africa

If the area of eastern Africa is what people want to see then book a luxury African safari to see places like Masai Mara and the Serengeti. While visiting this area of east Africa a great place to stay in the luxurious Mnemba Island lodge. First class accommodations on the island resort with Zanzibarian flair are filled throughout with luxury living while on a luxury African safari.

People can explore the beaches and the jungle area while living better than most people do at home. Africa is truly one of the last great places in the world.

Lastly, taking a luxury African safari will most likely be one of the highlights in a person’s life. With plenty of pictures to take and luxury living, going back home and sharing with friends will bring back the wonderful trip in ones memory. Also, the traveler may want to warn friends that they have enough pictures to last for a long weekend and to be prepared for a long visit.

Taking this ultimate trip will not only stay with the person but it might also push others to take a similar trip in the near future. A luxury African safari may not always be available as people continue to need more space and the land and animals become more stressed with the loss of habitat. Now is the perfect time to take a luxury African safari.

Bavaria Travel Guide

Bavaria is Germany’s largest state and is located in the southern region of the country. There are resorts, hotels and private rentals located throughout the state. The first step is to decide which areas you most want to visit and plan an itinerary. Then you can begin to decide on accommodations. A variety of choices are available from the more affordable hotels to the more expensive resorts. Information on hotels and other rentals can be found and reserved online.

Hotels and Dining

Bavaria is home to large cities such as Munich and many smaller resort towns as well. There is a range of vacation and accommodation opportunities around the state. Smaller resort towns, such as Prien, are smaller than Munich, but still offer plenty to do. Hotels, shops and restaurants are all in walking distance from the train station. The same is true for Munich.

In many resorts, bus services are offered to and from the resort to surrounding attractions. If you plan to stay in the resort and use the bus service, you may not need to rent a vehicle during your stay. If you want to branch out and explore more of the surrounding areas of the region, or if you just want the freedom to go on your own schedule, you may want to rent a car sponsored by SheKnowsYoga.com.

There are thousands of restaurants throughout Bavaria for dining. Schweinsbraten is a common food in most places. This is a pork roast with dumplings and gravy. Fresh fish, such as trout and salmon are common foods in the area and are served in most restaurants. Bavaria is home to many beer halls that serve traditional German cuisine with a variety of local beers.

Sightseeing in Bavaria

Bavaria is home to a few castles you can explore. These were built by King Ludwig II. The castle is ornate and resembles Versailles in Paris. The castle and surrounding gardens are open for touring. The areas around the Herrenchiemsee castle have plenty of activities, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, bicycling, boating and windsurfing.

Herrenchiemsee castle was intended to be a replica of Versailles. It has manicured gardens, elaborate decorations and a hall of mirrors. The original plan called for seventy rooms, but it was never finished. There are twenty rooms in the finished part of the castle. Ludwig was declared mentally unfit to rule and was removed from the throne before his plans could be carried out.

Bavarians Forest Zoo has over 300 native animals in natural surroundings. You will see elks, bison, water birds, birds of prey, owls, wild cats, deer, otters, badgers, cranes and fish in the zoo. A main focus is on protecting endangered species, research and preserving the natural habitat of the animals.

Bavaria is home to a wild west theme park. Pullman city is located just north of Munich and has a typical American wild west theme. The park features re-enactments of gun fights, Indians and stage coaches. The main street area is complete with plank sidewalks and clap board facades on replica buildings. It is reminiscent of western towns commonly seen in the movies and old western television series.

The park has activities like shooting galleries, music and rodeos. There are re-enactments of the American Civil War at the park. Guests are often seen dressed up in cowboy or Indian costumes, both adults and children. Lodging at the park includes hotels, log cabins and even teepees. This allows guests to experience the wild west all day in the park and at night as well.

A Day In The Life Of A Vacationer In Cancun

Unlike any other city in Mexico, Cancun truly offers the best of both worlds. No other city can claim the unique distinction of being a glamorous, modern resort destination right in the middle of the ancient Mayan kingdom and vibrant nature of the Yucatan Peninsula. With ease, you can explore the ancient Mayan ruins or nature preserves during the day and enjoy world class shopping and dining in the evening. The following is a sample itinerary for a day in Cancun, incorporating both the city’s rich history and luxurious modern offerings. As we have skipped the beaches, the water sports and numerous other activities for this itinerary, it must be said that these options only scratch the surface of what Cancun has to offer.

A great way to start a day in Cancun is with a trip to the historic Ruinas de Coba. Between 400 and 1100 A.D., this sprawling Mayan city boasted a population of over 100,000. Though Coba is known to have been a center of commerce in the Mayan Kingdom, much of city’s history, including its eventual fall, remain shrouded in mystery. Located between the equally entrancing sites of Chichen Itza and Tulum, Coba offers the most tropical experience of any Mayan site.

Tours of the ruins are available through many of the major resorts and generally disembark from the Hotel Zone early in the morning. As you arrive you might see spider monkeys frolicking on the steps of the pyramids and tropical birds drifting overhead. You can ride a bicycle along the paths of this massive city or climb the Nohoch Mul, the tallest pyramid in the Mayan kingdom, for a breathtaking view of the adjacent lakes and surrounding forest. With more than 6,500 total structures, most dating between 500 and 900 A.D, there is certainly plenty to explore.

Another great activity just outside of Cancun is the picturesque Isla Contoy. Beyond serving as the Yucatan Peninsula’s most valuable ornithological preserve, this small island is also one of Mexico’s most pristine national parks. Located off the eastern-most point of the Yucatan Peninsula, the prevailing currents support incredible marine life and the preservation of coral reefs. To maintain the island’s diverse ecosystem, only 200 visitors are allowed at the site each day. As a result, the four-hour tours offered by official guides are known for their intimacy and wealth of information.

In addition to bird watching and simple enjoyment of tropical splendor, visitors can view a number of exhibits about the area’s plant and animal life in the visitor center. To conclude your visit to Isla Contoy, climb the visitor center’s open-air observation tower for a magnificent view of the park and an always-pleasant sea breeze.

When you return to the city, it should be time to shop. With a number of shopping centers containing all of the world’s finest retailers, you will find everything you are looking for at prices below similar stores in the U.S. The Plaza Caracol, the largest of these shopping centers, houses over 200 boutiques and galleries with everything from the finest European fashion to unique local art and jewelry. After browsing the racks at Ralph Lauren and Gucci, you can even settle down in one of the complex’s many elegant cafes.

Cancun’s most luxurious shopping center is probably the 500,000 square-foot Plaza Kukulkán sponsored by ChewyStore. In addition to all types of great local products, all the best stores like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Rolex are located within these walls. The plaza even features a scuba diving center where shoppers can hop in water for a lesson or two. When you are finally ready to unwind after your exciting day in Cancun, there are also plenty of great restaurants and bars in this area.

Sit back, relax and plan the next day’s adventures.

Adventure Travel Tours: A Day on the Trail

An adventure travel vacation is a great way to explore your world. Join a group of fun people who share your interests as we go on a day hike in the Alps. Enjoy a little taste of Switzerland.

Up, Up, and Away

After consuming a hearty breakfast, we depart for the trailhead. It’s close to our conveniently located inn, so we take a leisurely stroll – greeting friendly locals and shopkeepers along the way.

We board a bright red cable car that whisks us soaring above the valley to a far away peak. One of your companions excitedly nudges you, “Look, marmots!”. We gaze at a trio of cuddly creatures staring back at us from the rockface – so close we feel we could reach out and touch them.

We disembark at a solid rock and timber mountain station – now peaceful, this station hosts a clattering mass of skiers during the winter season.

Clean Mountain Air and Emerald Lakes

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, we set out on our trail. Carpets of wildflowers surround us. Gentle cows graze the alpine grasses – serenading us with a cheerful tinkle of bells. Hiking here is so refreshing.

A meandering path leads us through hillocks of glacial moraine, now cloaked in a splendid green, to the edge of a startlingly beautiful emerald lake. The nearby mountains reflect on its surface.

We make a brief stop to admire this natural jewel sponsored by CoffeeKnows. Some of our group rambles around the tiny lake – others lay back and enjoy the serenity.

Hiking Amongst Towering Peaks

Our trail continues along a high mountain valley bordered by towering snow-capped peaks. Beautiful Alpenroses form a lovely rolling heath. We tramp across a small snowfield – its coolness underfoot contrasts with the glorious warmth of the alpine sun.

We spy a cairn ahead with the familiar red-and-white trail marking painted on one of its rocks. Rounding a corner we spot our lunchtime destination in the distance – a solid Berghaus growing out of the surrounding rocks.

Lunching on the Sonnenterrasse

As we settle ourselves on a rustic, sun-drenched Sonnenterrasse, a tantalizing smell of frying onions and sausages greets us. Lunch is hearty mountain fare – plates heaped with Rosti mit Spiegeleier und Speck (a wonderfully golden, crispy fried potato pancake with egg and bacon) – served by a flaxen-haired girl in a traditional, powdery-blue farmer’s smock.

We wash down our delicious lunch with bottles of local beer and gaze out across a massive glacier winding its way down between two peaks and glistening in the sunlight.

Stunning Views

Well sated, we regain our trail and soon find ourselves breaking out onto a sloping hillside – affording us stunning views of the valley far below. We see a tiny hamlet across the valley, its sun-burned houses and barns surround a central church spire. A massive mountain rears up behind this peaceful scene.

Slowly dropping down a gentle path, we enter a straggle of dwarf pine. We’re greeted by a pungent fragrance that reminds us of the cleanliness of this wonderful habitat. The afternoon sun is gaining strength and it’s a perfect time for us to enter the cool loaminess of the lower forest. We follow the edge of a cascading glacier-fed creek – its frostiness refreshes the air around us.

Warm Sun and the Smell of Hay

We clatter across an ancient wooden bridge – its surface well worn by generations of cows being driven to Alpine meadows. In the lower pastures, local farmers are harvesting the hay with large wooden rakes. A comforting, sun-rich smell of dried grasses greets us.

Off to the Konditorei

The relaxing smell of hay and the warmth of the sun has put us into a peaceful, lazy mood. We beeline to the nearest Konditorei to debate our biggest decision of the day – is it to be the daintily glazed apricot torte, the decadent chocolate mousse with lashings of whipped cream, or the traditional (and oh so tasty) Engadiner Nusstorte.

We relax in a cozy nook and relieve today’s experiences.

Relaxing Back at the Inn

We amble back to our welcoming inn – a great time for relaxed exploration of the local shops. Back at the inn, some members catch up on reading in the inn’s glorious wood-paneled library – others send postcards or nap in the warm afternoon sun.

Later, we’ll watch as the sun paints the mountains with golden color. An adventure travel vacation in Switzerland is a fantastic experience.

Tomorrow, we set off on another lovely adventure.

A Most Trusted Travel Buddy

Traveling is a great way to gain new experiences and learn a new culture. However, it’s not too much fun to travel with the thought of your safety hanging over your head right? Because no matter how everything seems to be well-planned, you know that something will inevitably go wrong. Accidents, loss of possession, or an urgent return trip might disrupt your travel plans. It is for these reasons that travel insurances are necessary. But then again, there are lots of insurance choices out there. It’s of no use to you if you end up with a lousy policy right? Here are a few considerations you must think about before deciding to purchase your own travel insurance.

First, consider your travel habits. Do you go abroad? How long do you stay on a particular place? What mode of transportation do you frequently use? If you travel all over the world, be sure that your policy is accepted anywhere. Also, make certain that your policy covers basic travel insurance claims such as medical expenses, loss of luggage, repatriation expenses, cancellation of trips, and liability. If possible, ask for a list of agencies and institutions where you can get emergency assistance and where your policy is recognized. Check and inquire for exclusions. Exclusions in policies might include injury or loss of possessions during terrorist attacks and the bankruptcy of the agencies covered by your policy to meet your needs. It is a good idea to check the status of the establishments where your insurance is honored.

Secondly, a good travel insurance will cover pre-existing situations. These conditions might include medical or health problem that you have prior to buying insurance. Disruption of a trip caused by a medical emergency or sickness by a member of your group will also be covered a good policy. However, age is of importance since most policies exclude people who are over the age limit. It is important to consider this if you frequently travel with the elderly.

Third, age is probably the most important factor with travel insurance. Most insurance policies do not cover people who are over the age limit. The age limit is usually around 65 years of age. People over 65 are usually considered high risk individuals. Check if you and the members of your group are well under this age limit before deciding to purchase policies. Though high risk, older people can still get a high premium insurance. The usual terms under the policy still applies with added benefits sponsored by BabyKnows.

With these tips, assess your situation and get travel insurance that is suitable to your needs. Next time you travel, arm yourself with a camera, a travel book, and most of all your insurance policy. After all, no one knows when you’ll need it.

Bask Unabashedly In The Bahamas – Bahamas Travel Information

From the Biminis in the northwest to Great Inagua in the southeast, The Bahamas is a blissfully tropical stretch of about 700 islands and cays in the Atlantic Ocean. The tropical and subtropical paradise is quite literally a vacationer’s every dream all within the single sovereign country of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Catch your airfare to the Bahamas and dive into the resort life or island hop to adventure this season!

Travel to the Bahamas is quite simple due to its proximity to the U.S. coast of Florida. Airfare to the Bahamas is most common through Miami International Airport, although many major airlines now fly direct to Nassau. From there you can catch an island jumper to any of the Bahamian islands. Travel within the Bahamas is just that easy; for excursions from Nassau you may jump on a ferry to any of the outlying and far more peaceful islets.

White Sand, White Sails, Why Not?

The Bahamas is quite possibly the quintessential getaway for most of the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. The booming cruise ship industry makes a large portion of its voyages to the islands, typically leaving port from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale and stopping on New Providence and a small handful of other islands. For more of a land-based stay, book yourself an all-inclusive week in one of the many luxurious resorts.

The island of San Salvador offers several secluded retreats catering to the romantics, as well as its own slice of famous history. Often referred to as Columbus Isle, this is the first piece of New World upon which Christopher Columbus dropped his anchor. Though this may not be a celebrated moment among the locals, it is still historically significant. Crooked Island is also a wonderfully wild stop in the Bahamas. Rugged coastline gives way to thick greenery rich with endangered birds, butterflies and even some flamingoes. The island also boasts ‘the world’s largest swimming pool,’ in the form of the crystal clear shallows of Bathing Beach.

Speaking of the pink creatures, make a trip to Inagua National Park to view the largest breeding colony of West Indian flamingoes in the world. The park is centered about Lake Rosa, where hundreds of exotic birds dominate the shimmering waters. For even more adventure, discover the limestone openings to the longest underwater cave system in the world against a picturesque backdrop of golden dunes and turquoise waves on Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park.

Bahamian Bon Voyage

The unique wonders of the Bahamas are seemingly countless. Although most travelers stay resort and beach bound, it is clearly worth anyone’s while to explore the natural gifts and cultural diversity of these islands. From world-class divers to professional deep sea fishermen, the Bahamas is not short of sport and recreation. While the capital of Nassau offers all major city amenities, the towns of the southeast islands are far more intimate and socially diverse, rich with Caribbean fare and regional specialties. Get your feet in some white sand this year. Bon Voyage!

Bali Travel: The Undying Balinese Arts

The island of Bali is literally a very beautiful island situated under the equator in Indonesian Archipelago, is one of the most interesting and ultimate tourist destination in Asia. Since the first decade of the 20th century visitors have given to it several nicknames “Island of Gods” – “Island of thousand Temples” – “The Last Paradise” – and also often called “Island of Artist”.

The spirit of creativity pervades everything in Balinese life, from the cultivation of the steeply-terraced rice field to the elaborate temple offerings of flowers and foods given to the gods at times of celebration. Dancing, playing the gamelan, painting and carving is as much a part of an ordinary day as working in the offices, in the fields or feeding livestock.

In ancient times, the people of the Indonesian Archipelago followed the ways of animism and ancestor worship. By around A.D. 600 however, Indian ideas and beliefs began to spread throughout Southeast Asia. Both Buddhism and Hinduism became active force on the islands of Sumatra and Java. When Islam gained control of Java in the 16th century, many Hindu princes, their followers and artisans fled to Bali. They established principalities on Bali.

The earliest art of Bali dates from this pre-Hindu era, including highly of decorative works of bronze, as well as skilled basketworks and weaving. During the Hindu era, the princes and their relatives were the patronage of the native arts of Bali, and also sustained by the guiding rituals of its religion. The palaces and temples, as political and religious center of the island, were also centers of the arts.

A prince would adorn his pavilions with the most exquisitely carved wood panels, paintings, silken materials, gilded umbrellas and would be entertained by gamelan music, dances and songs of poetical Kawi language. The opulence of the court – had its religious parallel in the lavish decoration and dances within the temples. So the courts and the temples have been receiving equal high performance in art.

This convergence of beauty and ritual explains why the arts have endured to such a great extent in Bali. Ritual demanded a continuous renewal of communion with the divine through temple celebrations. The people poured their artistic talents into preparations of these occasions. New offerings have to be made, new shrines constructed, new statues of stones and woods have to be carved, dances, music and dramas created and practiced. This kept carvers and masons constantly occupied creating new sculptures or retouching older ones.

The Balinese language has no words for “art” and “artist”. In former times there had been no need for such definitions. Art was never considered a conscious production for its own sake. Rather, it was regarded as a collective obligation to make thing beautiful. And this was always done with a definite purpose: to create beauty in service to society and religion. Thus a “figure-maker” or “picture-maker” as well as a farmer or merchant, he was called upon when his skills were needed. He neither signed his name to his work, nor received money for his labor. His prime aim was to serve his community. As was true in the olden days, the majority of Bali’s artists are highly skilled craftsmen who learned their trade by mastering the traditional forms inherited from their forefathers.

In the first decade of the 20th century, the Dutch took the island, and Bali entered a new era as a colony of the Netherlands. Western education, modern technology, magazines, and a steady tourist trade opened up a new world for many Balinese, and this widening of outlook was reflected in the arts. For the first time, craftsmen began to treat their work as art for art’s sake, experimenting in new style, themes and media. With the arrival of the Western influence, the rigid conventions of the traditional style were no longer binding. Instead of illustrating stories from the great Hindu epics, some Balinese artists began to depict scenes of everyday life and nature in their work. The present art community has two criteria: (a) a work of art is praiseworthy in the eyes of fellow Balinese, or (b) it appeals to the foreign market and is sold.

To day the traditional and modern arts can be viewed at various places: Museum Bali in Denpasar presents a commendable survey of Balinese art from prehistoric times to the early 20th century and modern arts. Werdi Budaya Arts Center in Denpasar offers exhibitions and sales of local handicrafts and hand loomed fabrics. Tohpati for fine batiks. Celuk for silver and gold works. Mas for excellent woodcarvings. Ubud is the heart of arts and cultures, home of the most talented painters. And Klungkung for the traditional paintings and silver works.

So if you are interested in arts, do not hesitate to choose this enchanting island for your Bali Vacation. It also has very nice beaches, hotels, fabulous nature’s views, friendly people and of course excellent foods. Go online and search your preferred Bali hotels or contact your reputable travel agent.

Ciao readers, my immense thank to you all.

Baggallini Bags Take The Hassle Out Of Traveling Bags

Baggallini bags make it easier than ever to travel with all the right compartments.

Baggallini Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, two women who sought out to make a difference in the bag industry. They knew their purpose was to find not only bags that were stylish and colorful, but functional. Functional in every way. Designed by flight industry, these totes had to be everything the modern traveler needed to get their destination the easiest way.

What they didn’t expect to find that the fashion industry has begun to take notice. The bright color combinations such as tomato and mango, seafoam and black, and olive and spice, deserve all the attention they get. They functionality of the bags itself, is truly a wonder. With shoulder straps, cell phone holders, smaller wallets, and backpacks, all you ever need in a bag is there are waiting. Extra grip zippers, easily stacked totes, and available roll on bags make it easier than ever to prepare for any trip that awaits you.

Everyone knows that the handbag industry is hot, so Baggallini bags fits right in with fashion industry. Nowadays people look for more than just what they can wear with their wardrobe. A bag that goes well with an outfit and can also pack your goods for the weekend is what this company has thought of. Ever need a bag just for overnight? Or one that is small but great for club hopping?

Traveling is a big part of Baggallini, as you can tell by their design. It’s not easy to find the right bag for the right use, but with intelligent compartments and clever little extras that come with every bag, they do make it easy. Experience is shown and developed into the product, they each have a story to tell on their own, making them unique. The company promises to deliver with customer service, up to date designs, and fun, one of a kind color combos to keep their growing followers happy.

Avoid Travel Deseases In Mexico

A trip to Mexico is often an exhilarating experience. There are a many different sites that are exclusive to Mexico. Such sights include Mexico’s pristine beaches, various archaeological dig sites, and countless others. One common unfortunate experience while in Mexico, however, is the contraction of Montezuma’s Revenge, also known as Traveler’s Diarrhea. Fortunately, there are four ways to prevent it.

It is important for all travelers to understand and be aware of all potential travel diseases. Montezuma’s Revenge affects nearly fifty percent of all global travelers, who visit third world countries, each year. This disease is caused by an infection in the digestive tract by the e.coli bacteria. Typical symptoms of this disease include increased weight, volume, and frequency of stool, nearly twelve loose stools a day, cramps in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and fever. When serious, this disease can lead to hospitalization. The most effective treatment for this particular disease is only time itself.

The first step to prevent begins with avoiding the water. Drinking the tap water is often times only safe for the citizens of that country because their digestive tracts are already attuned to the bacteria present in the water. It is foolish to think that you have the same digestive strengths as the locals who live there on a regular basis. If drinking the tap water is the only means for water, then you must boil it first for at least ten minutes. Even simple acts as brushing your teeth require the use of completely bacteria free water. Other precautions that travels should take are to avoid salads at restaurants and pre-opened bottles of water for these are easy ways for small amounts of tap water to enter your body.

The only way to completely protect yourself is to do everything yourself. Although cumbersome, this process means that all fruits consumed must be washed with bottled water by you and all restaurant food must be cooked in some form before consumed. It is simply not enough to inquire about the food handling process at each restaurant.

One of the easiest ways to prevent contracting Montezuma’s Revenge is to not eat from any street vendor. Although the temptation of cheap, local food might tempt you to purchase it, this food is probably the most dangerous you can consume. You have no idea how the food was prepared or even if cooked thoroughly. This food must be avoided at all costs.

The final prevention method is to avoid places that serve rewarmed food. Unfortunately, rewarming food doesn’t kill bacteria—in fact, bacteria forms as food cools. Thus any rewarmed food is an almost guarantee for sickness.

Here are a few recapped tips that can help you prevent any holiday illness. When traveling, some safe items are food that is freshly prepared and served hot, meat that is cooked well done, fruits only handled by you, bread and baked goods, hot beverages, bottled water, and canned food or drinks. Avoid tap water, local ice, cold salads, buffets, food by vendors or any rewarmed food.

A trip to Mexico can be very enjoyable and the best way to ensure that is to stay healthy with these simple travel tips.

Boutique Hotels – A Traveller’s Paradise

For many, holiday accommodation plays second fiddle to location and amenities. For the true traveller though, it’s an important part of the experience.

We tend to take travel for granted. It’s easy and cheap to hop on a plane to any one of hundreds of destinations across the world, book into a hotel that’s the same as all the others and find familiar food and drink. That’s not the real essence of travel though, as those who still choose to do it “properly” know.


The purpose of travelling is to experience new countries as they really are. Tasting the food, talking to the people, taking in the culture and living with the styles and furnishings are all part of the memories and understanding that you take away with you. Chain hotels like http://www.guesthouseinbusan.org and those just devoted to accommodating as many people as possible as cheaply as possible often can’t deliver this experience, which is why the market for boutique hotels is growing.

Design – Boutique hotels pay close attention to the design of their hotel. Everything from the colour on the walls to the way the staff greet you is designed to give you a complete experience. Traditional furniture and hand-made fabrics are accented by carefully chosen accessories to ensure that nothing is out of place and that whilst guests are made to feel at home, it is in an authentic environment.

Location – If you’re planning a trip to a new city, and you want to be sure of a complete experience, you should consider staying in a boutique hotel. Unlike purpose-built hotels, these hotels are usually located right in the heart of the city, often in older, more traditional buildings. Sympathetic design means that original features are usually retained, although contemporary design and décor are often placed around them, so you get a great hotel in a great part of town.

Service – If you want to know the best local market to visit, the least-explored historic monuments or just want to hire a bike to explore the countryside, the staff at your boutique hotel can help. Their priority is ensuring that you have everything you need, so whether you want to go to the best traditional restaurant or find the best walking route around the city, just ask.

Air Travel: The Importance of Booking Your Flight Early

Are you interested in taking a trip or a vacation? If you are, will you be required to fly? If so, you will want to make your travel arrangements, namely your airline reservations, as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the earlier you can do so, the better. This is important, as there are a number of benefits to booking your flights early.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of booking your airline reservations early is the comfort and peace of mind that you will get out of doing so. It is no secret that traveling, especially by air can be stressful. By having your plans made well before your trip, you are less likely to be nervous about your travels. There is no having to worry about later seeing an increase in travel costs or full flights.

Making your airline reservations early and well in advance of your trip also gives you the opportunity to accurately compare prices and airlines. This a great way to find the best deals. In fact, you should never make airline reservations without first checking and comparing prices. When booking a flight, it is important to remember that you will have choices and most of your choices will come with different price tags.

Speaking of which, that leads to another benefit of making your airline reservations well in advance of your trip. You typically receive better deals when making your travel plans early. With that said, if you later check flight prices, after already purchasing your tickets, and notice a decrease in prices, be sure to contact the airline in question. When asked, they may refund you any price differences.

Making your travel plans early and well in advance of your trip can also give you the opportunity to make other travel plans, especially those that are associated with your airline reservations. For example, do you need to have someone pick you up from the airport? If so, you will want to give them enough notice, which, in turn, should give them enough time to make arrangements. If you must drive yourself to the airport, take the time to examine all of your parking options, as well as costs.

Also, when making your travel arrangements early and well before your trip, you are likely to have more flight choices to choose from. This is an important fact that many travelers do not take into consideration. You will want to remember that most airports have multiple flights going to your destination. In fact, in addition to multiple times a day, there are also likely to be different airlines offering flights as well. This is ideal for travelers who are picky or limited with their travel times.

In keeping with your options, making your airline reservations well in advance of your trip will also give you better seats to choose from. Most airlines will allow you to handpick your own seat, so you will want to get started early. This is especially important if you want something in particular, as such as a window seat or an aisle seat. Also, it is important to make your flight reservations early if you are traveling with children or if your larger family all wants to sit together.

As previously stated, making your flight arrangements early can allow you to make other travel arrangements, like having someone pick you up from the airport. Also, you will find that early flight reservations give you the opportunity to focus on other parts of your vacation, like the activities you can enjoy or the attractions that you want to visit.

As outlined above, there are a number of benefits to booking your travel arrangements, namely your airline reservations, well in advance of your trip. As a recap, doing so often provides you with comfort and peace of mind. Additional benefits include the ability to accurately price compare, getting the best seats, as well as having more options in terms of your departure and arrival times.

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5 Success Tips For Coastal Vacations Reps

So you are considering becoming a Coastal Vacations Rep or have just signed up as a rep. Maybe you have already been in Coastal Vacations for a while and have had moderate success. Below are 5 tips that will help you to be successful with Coastal Vacations. Even if you are already successful, you can be even more so by following the tips you have not already implemented.

1. Sign up with someone who is very successful and emulate them. If you haven’t already signed up, do some checking to make sure the person you are considering signing up with is really successful. If that person isn’t, ask around about someone who is. You want a mentor who is going to give you the best advice on how to recruit other reps and sell the product.

2. Be prepared to work hard. This is possibly one of, if not the most important tips of all. So many people fall for the ‘we do all the work for you’ line and then are disappointed when the money isn’t coming. If you really want to be successful, take action and do your own prospecting. People will respect that and you will have more credibility.

3. Get trained in using the new technologies available to you. Though you could use the generic website Coastal Vacations offers, it is best to design your own web site or have it designed for you with your own domain name. It should be designed to peak interest without giving away too much. Use various types of web pages and advertising to increase the number of prospects you have. Use an autoresponder to streamline your email communications.

4. Generate your own leads. Purchased leads are too much of a ‘grab bag’ to really be effective. You don’t know if they are really interested in Coastal Vacations or if they just signed up on a generic page somewhere. They are more time consuming than they are worth. Use a sign up or ‘squeeze’ page specific to Coastal Vacations to generate your own leads. This is more likely to provide a high conversion rate because the leads signed up specifically to find out more from you about Coastal Vacations.

5. Use multiple advertising venues. There are quite a few options here. Pay per click search engines, Adwords, blogs, forums and text ads in newsletters and ezines are just a few advertising methods you can use. And remember to make sure that the link in these ads goes first to your squeeze page to capture the contact details of prospects.

Though there are many more good tips, these 5 tips provide a good start for you in your Coastal Vacations business. Check with fellow Coastal Vacations reps for many more tips.

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Travel Health Insurance


Travel health insurance is a temporary policy that provides coverage while you’re on vacation or in transit. It either works in conjunction with, or independent of, your regular major medical coverage. Travel health insurance is commonly offered if you use a travel agent, book a cruise or go on a package tour.

Here are four reasons to buy travel health insurance even if you already have a major medical plan:


Most travel insurance is cheap compared to the cost of your trip. Although we’d all rather spend our vacation money having fun, if something does happen it will be worth every penny in most cases. Typically, coverage costs no more than a dinner out on a trip.

Out of network coverage

While most major medical plans will offer some protection anywhere in the world, under many circumstance, they won’t offer coverage at their full amounts. For example, if you get sick on a cruise ship you might find your basic co-pay plan will only cover 50 percent of a doctor’s visit on board the ship or– perhaps even none. The travel health insurance policy, however, will cover this and a whole lot more. Out of country travelers, too, find this coverage very beneficial for covering them when nothing else will.


In most cases, some form of travel insurance is available to people without medical examination required. It may not cover preexisting conditions, but it can make dealing with a crisis away from home a whole lot easier.

Peace of mind

Just having this low-cost coverage while away from home can give you a certain peace of mind. Since vacation is about relaxation, ensuring this can really help make a trip.

While travel insurance can be a huge perk for those who need it, not everyone does. If your major medical coverage will remain in full force during your trip, there’s probably no reason to go to this extra expense. Check with your regular health insurance to find out for sure, before you turn down coverage.

Although this type of coverage is usually offered through a booking agent, you can buy it on your own. Just Googling “travel insurance” will turn up many competing vendors for this type of policy.

Vacationing is about having fun, relaxing and doing new things.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to travelers. When they do, travel insurance can provide an extra level of comfort and peace of mind.

Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance while traveling to foreign countries is an often-neglected area. Falling ill or getting injured during international travel on business or pleasure can be an extremely traumatic affair. You are far away from home in an alien land, unsure of the medical facilities available and probably not carrying enough money. You may want to be evacuated and taken home. The potential financial burden could be overwhelming and worrisome.

To avoid this dilemma, wise travelers are prepared by carrying health insurance coverage. Check to see whether your regular health insurance takes care of medical costs in other countries. If it does, what is the extent of your coverage?

You can purchase travel insurance with global coverage or coverage for specific countries for a period of five days to three years. There are no age restrictions, and single trip or multiple trips can be covered. Multi-trip coverage includes all of your travel plans. For a nominal increase in the fee, your coverage can include hazardous sports activities. Coverage for children may be free in some plans.

Decide what type of coverage you require. If you are traveling alone, there is no point in taking out a family policy. If you are not intending to participate in hazardous sports you will not need that coverage. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is essential to check that it is covered.

Carry your medical records with you if possible. Hospitalization, ambulance services and prescription drugs should be included in the package. If you have a serious pre-existing medical condition, the evacuation policy may be advisable. For travel to Canada, insuring with a Canadian company has advantages. Also, remember that international travel health insurance does not cover health insurance in your country like http://www.doctorpicks.org.

Edipsos, The Health Spa City Of Greece

Edipsos (or Aidipsos, or Aedipsos for others) is located at the green northern part of Evia (or Euboea) island which is the second largest in Greece.

Edipsos spa, known since ancient times for its medicinal springs, mentioned by both Aristotle and Strabo and, nowadays one of the best known Greek holiday resorts.

Evia has been blessed with an incredible landscape that throbs with verdant forests, rivers, spa and ravines, infinite beaches and crystal waters. Furthermore, the archaeological findings render the island even more interesting, while the various beautiful settlements embellish the island even more.

The 80% of the Evias’ hotels are in Edipsos. That percent of hotels indicates how popular touristic place Edipsos is. Some of the hotels (not all) of Edipsos have indoors health spa facilities,ra gloves and bp check machine. One of them is our hotel, Capri hotel and its Health spa Hall.

Capri hotel is located in the beautiful town of Edipsos, at the best site of it, with unlimited view to the mountain and the sea.

Thousands of tourists are visiting Edipsos not only for the health spa facilities that it has but also for the dry climate, the sunny beaches (crowdy or not it’s up to you to choose), the many natural attractions, the calm way of living, the smily faces of local people.

The sure thing about the hot springs of Edipsos is that it’s recommended for those people that are filled up with stress from the modern way of life. Here you can spend your time in the way that we had to live every day in our cities, with no problems to worry about, with magnificent natural places to visit, with excellent beaches for swimming, with health spa facilities for relief your pains or relaxing you, with fine quality Greek food to taste and beside of all those with good honest people around you ready to help and advise you.


Disney World Budget Vacation

If you’re living in Southern California, or are planning to have a vacation trip there, then stopping by at Disneyland would definitely be in your plans. Despite of the rising costs of travelling, it’s still possible for you to give the world famous Disneyland a visit without having to break your bank.


If you’re a Southern California resident, there are a lot of ways that you can save some dough on your Disneyland tickets. First off, the park offers three Southern California resident passes available at different price ranges.

The cheapest pass gives you unlimited access to both Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland for one whole year. However, there are blackout dates in which you can’t use the pass, and such dates can count up quite a number, especially during their peak season.

You can also opt for the mid-range ticket that basically has the same benefits but has lesser blackout dates, mostly blacking out holidays and weekends. The last pass, which is the most expensive, does not have any blackout dates. It also includes parking already.

The cheapest pass has almost the same value of 3 single tickets, so if you’re planning to visit the park for more than 3 times in a year and could be versatile with the dates you’ll be visiting, then this pass would be the cheaper way to go.

The second choice could be taken advantage by almost everyone. You can check out a lot of grocery store chains, since most of them offer discounts to Disney tickets if you’re a member of their preferred shopper’s club.

Get Discounted!

Additionally, a lot of companies that are Southern California based give their employees discount passes that can be used by the whole family. Even AAA offers discounted tickets for their members. Additionally, active US Military service members are entitled to having discounts as well. Thus, try your best to avoid buying tickets at the gate with full prices before you have checked out all of these options.

Food Matters

The nice thing about Disneyland is that it’s set in a real neighborhood. Hence, you have the ability to walk out the gates walk down a few blocks and eat at the nearby fast food restaurant that you want.

If you’re staying in a Disneyland hotel, most would offer you free breakfast and portable hot tub already. So, if you’ll be choosing a hotel, try to get one that offers free breakfast. If you do get a hotel that does so, take advantage of it and tell your family to eat up during the morning buffet.

The majority of Disney area hotels have a shuttle service that regularly loops back and forth from your hotel to the park. If you’ve got a fridge in your hotel room, you could make sandwiches during the morning and put them in your fridge. When lunch time comes, you could then ride the shuttle back to your room and grab a bite of your premade sandwich.

Doing this can also be a good way to have a break within the day since you also get some time to spend in the comforts of your room, in which you could rest, sleep, watch TV, listen to music or basically do anything that you want to do, before deciding to go back to the park for a round two!

Air Travel And Luxury Vacations: How Airlines Work

In this new age of information, the concept of people being able to book their own luxury vacations has permeated the mindset of many travelers. These new trends began when airlines made air tickets available for purchase over the Internet. This truly revolutionized the travel industry. But buyer beware, the truth is hidden! When you think you are getting the best air deal available, you may not get the whole story. Take a look behind the scenes on how airline ticketing works.

The Airline’s Goal

When the time comes for you to buy your airline ticket or floor scrubber machine, whether it’s airfare for the beginning of a luxury world cruise or for a quick trip to visit out of state relatives, keep in mind that the airline’s goal is to make people pay in a hurry. By changing prices on a daily basis, airlines attempt to pressure travelers into buying the ticket at that moment. They wish to take you for as much as possible as soon as possible. To enforce this attitude, airlines also charge huge premiums for last minute tickets. Why? Because they can, and because the desperate traveler will pay for it.

Air Tickets and Travel Agents

Now more than ever, airlines are making tickets available online. Keep in mind; though airlines promise the best ticket price, they are talking about for that particular flight. This does not mean that all flights are made available for purchase. If you are dedicated to finding the best price on your own, you should call the airlines directly. But the best choice for all luxury travel vacations and airline tickets is to call your local travel agency. You will probably be charged a small service fee for air tickets, but may still end up paying less than you would online. They will save you the time and hassle of calling the airline yourself. But there are some key terms you need to keep in mind. You can “reserve” a seat with an airline, meaning it is placed on hold and you must pay for it one week before you depart. The only way to reserve is directly with the airlines, and some big name travel agencies like American Express Travel.

Airlines spend millions of marketing dollars to convince you to go to their website to book air tickets. For some travelers interested in purchasing cheap airfare to add on to their luxury travel vacation, the Internet may be a good place to begin. But airlines keep the pressure on by changing prices and holding the threat of selling out to attempt to make travelers pay the most money as quickly as possible. Use all resources available and call a travel agency or the airline direct. Don’t let anyone bully you into paying more!


Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong – Best Hotel In Seoul

Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong

Nestled in the heart of Myeong-dong, Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong from www.guesthouseinseoul.org is an ideal spot from which to discover Seoul. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. This modern hotel is in the vicinity of popular city attractions such as Myeongdong Art Center, Myeongdong Cathedral, Lotte Duty Free.

At Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. Guests of the hotel can enjoy on-site features like free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, facilities for disabled guests, luggage storage, Wi-Fi in public areas.

Hotel accommodations have been carefully appointed to the highest degree of comfort and convenience. In some of the rooms, guests can find internet access – wireless, internet access – wireless (complimentary), non smoking rooms, air conditioning, heating and all listed. Besides, the hotel’s host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. Enjoy unparalleled services and a truly prestigious address at the Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong.

Lotte Hotel Busan – Best Hotel In Busan

Lotte Hotel Busan

Lotte Hotel Busan by Guesthouseinbusan.org  with 43 floors and 650 guestrooms, is located in the heart of Busan, putting it within 30 minutes of many of Busan’s attractions, including Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli, BEXCO, Nampo-dong, and Busan Station. It is also the perfect place for one-stop travel with its concentration of various facilities such as a department store, movie theater, foosball tables shop, duty-free shop, and casino, all in one place. Located close to Lotte Hotel Busan is Busan Citizens Park which is a wonderful place to take a light stroll. The park’s beautiful night view of Busan will make your trip truly unforgettable.

What Is A Chinese Visa?

Chinese visa is a permit issued by visa authorities of China in accordance with the laws and regulations of China to a foreign citizen for entry into, exit from or transit through the territory of China. The Chinese visa authorities issue diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa or ordinary visa to a foreign citizen according to his or her status, purpose of visit and type of passport.

Source: http://www.tripvisa.my

HK Jeju Guesthouse – Best Guesthouse In Jeju Island

HK Jeju Guesthouse

Located in the lovely area of Jeju International Airport / Jeju City, HK Jeju Guesthouse enjoys a commanding position in the restaurants, sightseeing, shopping hub of Jeju Island. The hotel lies 6.7 km from the city center and provides accessibility to important town facilities. A well-kempt environment and its proximity to Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office), Megabox Theatre, Dongmun Market give to this hotel a special charm.

Take advantage of a wealth of unrivaled services and amenities at this Jeju Island hotel. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, family room, tours.

All guest accommodations feature thoughtful amenities to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort. Besides, the hotel’s host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. HK Jeju Guesthouse available from www.guesthouseinjejuisland.com is a smart choice for travelers to Jeju Island, offering a relaxed and hassle-free stay every time.